University of Colorado (CU) Boulder, USA

BCOR 2304: Strategic and Entrepreneurial Thinking


Summer 2022: 4.5/5 (Online: 19 students)
Summer 2021: 4.1/5 (Online: 46 students)
Spring 2021: 4.1/5 (Hybrid: 150 students)
Fall 2020: 4.0/5 (Online: 150 students)
Summer 2020: 4.2/5 (Online: 45 students)

Teaching Assistant:

Spring 2020: Instuctor- Mukund Chari (450 students)


MBAC 6050: Strategy

Teaching Assistant:

Summer 2020: Instuctor- Jeffrey Reuer (85 students)

Summer 2022: Instuctor- Jeffrey Reuer (90 students)

“Sandip was a great professor and made himself incredibly available throughout this course. He made learning interactive, but also lectured which I felt was a super helpful combination.”

“Sandip was a great professor and made everyone feel welcome. He did great in the course by giving us a day for case studies which were really informative and enjoyable. This enabled us to work in groups and collaborate. He also did great on days we had class in making sure everyone was understanding his teaching and he did great altogether”

“I truly enjoyed the layout and format of this class. Along with this, Professor Bisui was constantly informing us for when he was available for questions and other help, which was a great tool.”

“I really enjoyed this class with Sandip because he was very knowledgeable. It was a class that involved mostly team work but Sandip always made it clear that he was there to answer any questions that we had. He was understanding and made the class very straightforward and all the assignments were clear. I really enjoyed this class with Sandip and would recommend taking it with him to future students.”

“I really enjoyed this course and appreciated how you treated our time as valuable and taught some really important concepts. My only suggestion would be to make it so that we can see our feedback on the case studies instead of having to come to you individually to ask what we did wrong since some of us may not have time for that.”

“Good content. Sandip always facilitated original discussions by using breakout rooms. I enjoyed how he connected the course to current events”

“Professor Bisui taught the course extremely effectively! He really provided a lot of support to students and elaborated well on course concepts. He also encouraged group work and discussion, which was refreshing especially in this time of mostly remote learning.”

“Sandip did what a lot of my professors have failed to do since switching to online school, which is utilize the Zoom breakout rooms effectively...”

“I think that Professor Bisui has done a great job teaching this course. Its difficult to be a good professor via zoom, but he has done really well. I have felt like I can ask any question and reach out to him throughout the whole semester.”

“I think that the setup of the course was very good. I really liked the discussion posts and case assignments because they helped me better grasp the ideas we were learning in class because I was able to apply them to real-world examples.”